What LTC Resources Offers

We are a one-stop solution in providing custom blended products and transportation needs.  LTC Resources Inc. provides Lime/calcium oxide, Dolomitic Lime/magnesium oxide, Limestone/calcium carbonate, Mixed Metal Alloys, and special blends of products in both bulk and bagged. 


We provide a variety of products for varies customers. These products include calcium oxide, dolomitic oxide, mixed alloys, oiled dolomitic, pulverized limestone, high, medium and low carbon/chromium blends, iron/silica, nickel, iron/silica, and many other variations. In addition, we can receive your product, and re-bag it to your specifications.



We offer a fleet of transportation to service your needs. We also have a rail service directly into our plant.


blending and bagging

With onsite warehouse storage, bulk silo storage, and rail cars. We have the ability to blend and package products to meet your needs.

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